The jobs outlook : 2014 – 2015

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No jobs 265x300 The jobs outlook : 2014 – 2015  Not to sound too pessimistic,  but the job outlook for the next six months will be slow.   With the elections and the slowing down of bureaucracy, will have its effect for at least upto December 2014.

The Automobile industry showcased a number of new releases with a cautious optimism.  The International Labor Organization’s  (ILO) Report on  global employment trends 2014 shows that the global unemployment will raise to 6.1 % in 2014.   Around 4.2 million jobs will be at stake during this period.   While unemployment rate is set to decline from 2018 onwards,  the near future looks not too promising in the South Asian markets including India.

It is a sad fact that between 2010 and 2012, jobs grew by a mere 2 % per year.

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