Need for Digitalization

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digitization Need for Digitalization

The need for digitizing your organization’s records is something that you must focus on.   It is a planned effort that needs to be executed with sufficient time lines.   The need to preserve documents and old records always poses a challenge. From a storage point of view,  it is also an expensive proposition.  Very often, records are just stacked without proper protection.   And the importance of the documents are realized only when a need arises.     It is a common scene that   employees disappear into a maze of paper to retrieve some information that was necessary at that point of time.   For paper or document intensive companies which have moved the digital way now,  the earlier records still pose a challenge.

Digitizing does not mean just scanning,  but a comprehensive process to store records in a digital format that can be retrieved at the touch of a button.

What is digitization ?   Converting  your stored data , documents and records in a digitized format and make it safe, secure and easy to retrieve.

What can be digitized ?  Your key papers,  HR papers,  manuscripts and images,  films,  books and journals,  photographs and paintings and archives.

Why?  Digitizing records helps protect them in a safe and secure manner.  It helps you save costs, as the documents need not be physically stored in a city, where costs of space are prohibitively expensive.

Advantages :  It helps you recall records at the touch of a button, rather than going through streams and streams of physical records.   Ease of access of data,  and security to access of data.  Query handling is made much more easier.  Minimal handling of original papers,  and protecting them from wear and tear.  Less dependence on human intervention.  Avoids repeat storage of papers for repeat customers.

Future is in digitization :  The future clearly moves into a digitized world.   And a market leader like Integrated should be one of the first to embrace this concept.  A clear process is laid out, to help you retrieve documents in the fastest manner.

The floods in Chennai during December 2015 is a very clear indicator that digitization can help you immensely.   Stories of people dying to save their documents is indeed very sad to hear.   Corporates, especially housing companies – both realtors and financiers had lost key documents during this time.  Time to wake up.   Prevention is better than cure.

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